We typically begin with an IDEI brainstorming session specifically designed for our partner to identify together their objectives and issues. We help them ask the right economic and strategic questions, bring to attention unattended issues, anticipate competition and regulatory changes, market failures (externalities, public goods…), and carry out cost benefit analyses. 

Mutually designed research contract:

  • Common elaboration of questions (without pre-conceived answers)
  • Tailor made activity catalogue suiting partners needs & programme
  • Duration of research in years


IDEI’s contribution:

  • A team of experienced researchers, managed by a senior researcher
  • Easy & ready access to additional scientific competences thanks to the large community of TSE researchers
  • High-level scientific production (working papers, articles in scientific journals)
  • Outreach & knowledge sharing (Transfer): Scientific monitoring, seminar, conference, policy note
  • Coordination and support services

Partner’s contribution:

  • Partner representatives for the research  partnership
  • Budget